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Online Banking



Ability to inquire about account details and balances.

Ability to instantly open sub-accounts.

Ability to carry out BOJ own account transfers.

Ability to carry out transfers to other local or international banks.

Ability to inquire about card account details.

Ability to receive credit card services and ensure bill payment.

Ability to apply for banking services and products, such as chequebooks, loans, credit cards and ATM visa cards.

Ability to inquire about currency exchange and time deposit rates.

Ability to send and receive secure e-mails.

Ability to apply for a credit card password change.

The upgraded Bank of Jordan's BOJ Online services enables you to complete your banking transactions easily and quickly.

How to Register

  1. Enter your ATM debit card number.
  2. Enter your ATM debit card password.
  3. Enter the confirmation code as shown in the icon and click on “Confirm”.
  4. Enter requested information to complete your registration.
  • Contact our Call Center at 1700587777.


For more information, visit your nearest branch or contact our 24/7 Call Center at 1700587777.


*BOJ Terms and Conditions apply