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IBAN Generator

IBAN Generator

  • An IBAN is not a new account number.
  • Your listed account numbers will not change.
  • An IBAN includes additional letters and numbers next to your account number to make it unique on an international level.

Receiving Transfers:

In the case of receiving transfers to your account, whether from within the Palestine or not, you must always provide your private IBAN to the remitter.

Sending Transfers:

  • To send transfers from your account, you must request that the beneficiary provide you with his/her private IBAN, if available.
  • If you use any electronic payment channel, it is recommended that you use the IBAN Checker to confirm the accuracy of the beneficiary’s IBAN when issuing a money transfer.

It is preferable to use money transfer rather than cheques for the following reasons:

  • Speed
  • Confidence
  • Security
  • Protection against forgery

The IBAN consists of 29 fields

Country CodeID CodeBank CodeBranch CodeClient Account Number