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Bank of Jordan Donates NIS 750.000 to ‘WAQFET IZZ Fund’

Date: 29/03/2020

Ramallah: Bank of Jordan in Palestine announced its donation of NIS 750.000 to support ‘WAQFET IZZ Fund’ dedicated to reduce the impact caused by the QUORONA pandemic through an agreement between Bank of Jordan represented by the Regional Manager of Palestine branches ‘Hatem Fukaha’ and WAQFET IZZ Fund represented by its Board Chairman Mr. Talal Nasser Eddine in the presence of His Excellency the Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority ‘Azzam Al-Shawwa’.

Fukaha clarified that this donation is within the framework of the bank’s social responsibility during the difficult economic and living conditions caused by the QUORONA pandemic, while pointing out that the bank supports the official efforts exerted to overcome the crisis.

Fukaha praised the efforts exerted by President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister Mohamad Ishtayeh, the governors and the medical and security teams in Palestine to safeguard the health and safety of citizens and to alleviate the resulting effects of this global pandemic while commending the early wise decisions taken by the Palestinian leadership aimed to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

Fukaha stressed that this donation is in line with the directives of His Excellency the Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority Azzam Al-Shawwa who instructed the banks to allocate social responsibility budgets to support the government in its efforts to combat the spread of this pandemic, while commending the action taken by the Monetary authority aimed at mitigating the effects of this pandemic and ensuring the continued operation, safety and strength of the banking sector.

In turn, the Governor praised the initiative of Bank of Jordan and commended the continuous support of the Palestinian Banking Sector to Palestinian society and the role it plays in protecting and developing it, especially during these exceptional circumstances and the additional burdens emanating from it.

In turn, Nasser Eddine hailed the support provided by Bank of Jordan, while stressing the importance of solidarity to face the crisis. He called on every capable Palestinian to donate as much as he can to meet the needs of the affected families until the end of this crisis.