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Bank of Jordan launches "Sanabel" Account for Children in Palestine

Date: 13/03/2022

Ramallah - Bank of Jordan (BOJ) has launched a new program for children savings deposits, under the name of “Sanabel”. This program includes multiple benefits, rewards, and high returns that help parents secure the future of their children.

BOJ allows "Sanabel" account holders to obtain high returns on their savings deposits up to 15% of the average balance of the account. Moreover, to enhance the culture of savings, the longer the commitment period of the deposit, up to 8 years, the greater the percentage of returns allocated to the account.

Mr. Hatem Foqaha’a - Regional Director of Bank of Jordan in Palestine said: "The launch of this program comes as a continuation of our strategy to stimulate a culture of savings in society, and our belief in the importance of promoting a culture of savings among children because they are the promising generation on which we build our hopes." "Sanabel" account was designed with distinct banking advantages aimed at serving and securing the future of children, as a high return on the accounts, and entering the valuable prize draws for savings accounts, Mr. Foqaha’a added.

Mr. Foqaha’a emphasized that BOJ seeks to provide banking services and products that meet the needs of different age groups. Therefore, "Sanabel" program is designed to contribute to the proper establishment of the future of children to pass the university educational stage or establish special projects. He explained that savings and deposit accounts are among the best banking services to maintain and manage savings, in addition to the rewards customers receive for the money deposited in their account.

To enter the prize draws, the bank requires that Sanabel account has a minimum value of 200 dinars, or its equivalent in dollars and shekels, while the mandatory minimum amount for deposits in the account per month is 25 dinars. Parents can increase the deposited amount monthly according to their capabilities and without any conditions. Parents can open a "Sanabel" savings account for their children to secure their future and give them the opportunity to obtain prizes and rewards for the account.

Bank of Jordan is one of the first banks in the Palestinian market, which always seeks to develop its banking services, keep pace with the renewable and changing requirements of various customer sectors, in addition to maintaining continuous communication with all segments of society and meeting their needs.