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With the Support of Bank of Jordan “ATA’A Palestine” Distributes Food Parcels in Several Districts

Date: 30/04/2020

As usual during the holy month, Bank of Jordan provided its support to the campaign “Ramadan brings us together in love” organized by ATA’A Palestine Charitable Society” for the 17th consecutive time this year. This campaign included the distribution of food parcels to poor families and the humanitarian cases in Ramallah and El-Bireh and Jerusalem districts and in the Gaza strip to ensure the availability of basic foodstuffs needed by the families on daily basis during the holy month of Ramadan.

The parcels were distributed to the beneficiaries in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development and the village councils in the targeted areas in the presence of the Public Relations Officer at Bank of Jordan Mrs. Raja’a Jabareen, the bank managers, each in his area, the members of ATA’A Palestine Society and the work crews.

Mr. Hatem Al-Fuqaha, the Regional Manager of Bank of Jordan stated that “this support falls within a comprehensive chain of support and financing provided by Bank of Jordan through the various social responsibility programs aimed to support poor families and orphans, especially during the holy month of Ramadan”, while expressing his pleasure to cooperate with ATA’A Palestine in this respect. Several successful projects were previously implemented by them during the previous years. He stressed the continuous support provided by the bank to all sectors of Palestinian society. In turn, Mrs. Raja’a Abu-Ghazaleh Shaath, founder and General Manager of ATA’A Palestine Charitable Society thanked the bank for this important humanitarian gesture during the holy month of Ramadan that added smiles and joy to the the needy and their families  especially in the light of the difficult economic conditions witnessed by the Palestinians. She called on all operating companies, national banks and charitable societies to support the various society’s programs to achieve its goals.

The campaign “Ramadan joins us in love” comes to stress the charitable role played by the bank and the society in proving relief to our people in the West Bank and the Gaza strip through the support of orphans’ and poor families and  to alleviate their living burdens during the difficult economic conditions and the continued siege.