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Commercial Loans

With a long history of supporting businesses, Bank of Jordan offers competitive and diversified financing programs tailored for the needs of the corporate sector.

Product Description

Commercial loans are one-time loans issued for specific purposes to public and private corporations to finance their working capital, commercial activities, or operations.  

They are repaid in monthly instalments based on an agreement made between BOJ and the client, with consideration of the client’s cash flow.

The interest on a commercial loan may be charged on the diminishing balance or on the remaining instalments and takes into account any previously deducted interests or commissions. The interest expires upon loan repayment.


  • Diversified range of loans to meet different business needs and volumes
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Streamlined and quick credit extension
  • Easy monthly instalments adjusted to the client’s cash flow</li>
  • Interest adjusted based on outstanding balance or instalments, considering previously deducted interests or commissions/li>

Eligible clients

  • Corporations operating in all sectors
  • All private and public corporations

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