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With a long history of supporting businesses, Bank of Jordan offers corporate clients the possibility of obtaining additional liquidity to fund their activities through overdraft solutions adapted to each client’s business volume.  

Product Description

Overdraft services are credit facilities offered by Bank of Jordan to corporations to provide them with the additional liquidity they may need to fund their operations.

The overdraft ceiling is customized according to the client’s demands and is granted upon examination of business volumes. The ceiling is renewed annually while interest fees are imposed either monthly or on the outstanding balance.


  • Credit ceiling customized to the client’s commercial business volume
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Streamlined and quick credit extension
  • Interest rates calculated monthly or on the outstanding balance rather than on the ceiling
  • Annual renewal of credit ceiling
  • Easy withdrawals and deposits
  • Cheque book issuance

Eligible clients

  • Corporations operating in all sectors
  • All private and public corporations

For additional information, please contact us at:

Bank of Jordan – Regional management – Ramallah
Tel: +972 2 2411464
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