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Working Capital Finance

Using working capital finance frees up cash for growing the business, which will be recouped in the short-term.

We have many different types of working capital finance, including but not limited to:

Overdraft limit :

  • Overdraft s are flexible form of borrowing intended to finance day to day cash flow requirements  generated by normal business activities .
  • Give you the freedom of withdrawal and deposit to / from the account, balances repaid can be redrawn without need a request from the you to the bank.
  • Interest is calculated on the utilized daily balance and is debited at the end of each month.

 Revolving Limits:

  • Enable you to improve your cash flow and gain time until your goods are cleared, manufactured or stocked. 
  • Used to finance your imports /exports  through Letter of Credit, Bills of Collection.    
  • To cover the working capital needs for trading and industrial activities by: Financing your postdated commercial checks   with various maturity dates and creditors, prior its maturities,  and financing the commercial invoices.
  • The repayment schedule depending on your cash flow.